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Full and Half Day ABA

We provide programming between the hours of 8:30 am and 4 pm and will create a therapy schedule that will accommodate the family’s schedule. We will also work around a client’s other therapies, such as speech and occupational therapy. Clients attending full or half day programs will work in the following areas:

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Check-in routines (putting away personal items)
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Adaptive skills (toilet training, dressing, hygiene, and eating skills)
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Behavior reduction
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Play-based instruction
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Discrete trial teaching (DTT) instruction
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Natural environment teaching (NET) instruction
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Safety skills
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Skill retention
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School readiness skills
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Social and group skills
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Check-out routines (cleaning up/collecting personal items)

Parent and Caregiver Consulting

We provide regular in person parent and caregiver consultation services that are specific for the child. Parents and caregivers meet with their child’s BCBA regularly to discuss progress, understand/address behaviors at home, build engagement, increase communication, etc.

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Group Consulting

We provide monthly group parent and caregiver consultation that covers a broad range of ABA topics and how ABA can be applied both at home and in other settings.

Focused Programs

We provide focused treatment as needed. Focused treatment may be used for more advanced learners who struggle in specific areas including:

Social and Group Programs

We provide group and social skills training to children 3-6 years of age who are transitioning to preschool or kindergarten within a year. Children not currently attending our clinic will be screened in advance to see if this group training is right for them.

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Before and After
School ABA

We can work around your child’s morning or afternoon schooling. In some cases, public schools can provide transportation to ABA after morning school, or the school bus can pick up your child at ABA to take them to school in the afternoon. These services should be coordinated with your child’s IEP team and through the school’s transportation department.

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nhaba services School Consulting

School Consulting and Extended School Year (ESY) Services

New Heights ABA will assist schools with group training and/or behavior management within the classroom.

New Heights ABA will also contract with schools to provide extended school year (ESY) services by implementing the goals of an IEP throughout the summer using ABA strategies.