New Heights ABA

Getting Started

6 Steps Needed to Start
ABA Services

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Step 1

Diagnosis Report

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Step 2

Insurance Verification

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Step 3

Intake / Clinic Visit

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Step 4


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Step 5

Treatment Begins

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Step 6

Caregiver Involvement

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getting started
Step 1

It’s Starts with a


Caregivers interested in receiving ABA therapy must have a complete diagnosis report from their child’s pediatrician or psychologist. A recommendation for ABA must be included in the diagnosis report. Please reach out to us for providers in the area who are approved to give a diagnosis. Insurance companies will require this official paperwork before determining treatment plan coverage.

Step 2

Insurance Verification

Ohio adopted an insurance mandate that requires insurance coverage for the screening, diagnostic testing, and treatment of autism spectrum disorder. This law covers the following treatments:

Some self-funded plans do not cover ABA therapy. However, New Heights ABA can make recommendations on resources to secure ABA coverage.

New Heights ABA will contact your insurance provider to see if there is an ABA benefit. We will also collect information on the annual deductible, co-pay, and co-insurance that will be expected to be paid. You will be provided an estimate of what the out-of-pocket costs will be and connect you with the potential funding resources available to you. These amounts will reset when the insurance plan renews, which is typically at the first of every calendar year.

nhaba getting started Insurance Verification

Reach out to us if you don’t see your insurance listed. We are happy to call your insurance provider to request a single case agreement.

Getting Started Intake and Clinic Visit optimized
Step 3

Intake and Clinic Visit

Families will first tour our clinic and discuss scheduling with the Clinical Director. The family must bring a copy of the following documents to their first visit:

The family will receive an electronic link to our initial intake form. In addition, the family will receive assessment questionnaires that must be completed prior to the assessment. We will also schedule a call to gather more information prior to the assessment.

We will begin the process of requesting an assessment from insurance. Most insurances take up to two weeks to give an authorization to conduct the assessment.

Step 4

Assessment and
Treatment Approval

We will conduct an assessment to meet your child and prepare a treatment plan for the insurance company. This treatment plan must be updated and renewed every six months or one year based on the requirements of each insurance provider. Parents or caregivers will meet with the BCBA to discuss the results of the assessment and the treatment plan prior to submitting to insurance.

Most insurances take up to two weeks to approve an authorization to begin treatment.

We will give the family a second set of intake forms regarding policies of New Heights ABA and our expectations from caregivers that must be reviewed and signed prior to the onset of services.

nhaba Getting Started Assessment and Treatment Approval
nhaba Getting Started Treatment Begins
Step 5

Treatment Begins

We recognize that every child possesses unique learning needs and the BCBA will develop a comprehensive treatment program that is tailored for your child. Our skilled RBTs deliver the treatment plan through direct therapy and group treatment that will be supervised weekly by the BCBA.

Our BCBAs will also work closely with parents and caregivers on training and implementing components of our treatment programs across settings.
The entire process can take from 3 weeks to over a month dependent on turnaround time for intake paperwork completion and insurance approvals.

Step 6


Having parent and caregiver partners involved in their child’s therapy has shown greater outcomes. Parents and caregivers meet with their child’s BCBA regularly to discuss progress, understand how to effectively address behaviors at home, build engagement, increase communication, etc.

In addition to caregiver involvement, we will collaborate on care with other providers such teachers, doctors, speech therapists, and occupational therapists.

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Other Funding Sources

Private / Grants / Schools

New Heights ABA accepts private payment for services provided. Please contact us for information on our fee schedule.

We can also connect caregivers with resources to receive grant funding.

Ohio Autism

New Heights ABA partners with A+ Solutions to incorporate a student’s IEP goals to supplement ABA programming. This partnership also provides flexibility for our families to receive additional services, such as speech and occupational therapy, that is provided in our clinic.

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