Early Learner Intensive Day Academy Structure


Once a child has been assessed for functional, behavioral and communication deficits, a treatment plan and behavior plan will be created so those skills can be practiced throughout the day, across various settings and therapists, and ultimately, programmed for generalization.


The Day Academy schedule will be broken into two or three 2-hour blocks. Each block will have a different assigned therapist. Children can participate in the Day Academy from 1 to 3 sessions per day, based on their assessment results.  Following is an sample schedule of a child receiving 3 fulls sessions per day:

Session 1:  Check-in routines, pairing/manding, adaptive skills (such as bathroom, dressing and feeding skills), probes for skill retention from prior day.

Session 2:  Pairing/Manding, adaptive skills training, intensive teaching/maintenance session with more table time. 

Session 3:  Adaptive skills training, social skills/group instruction, Generalization of mastered skills through natural environment teaching. Cleaning up for the day and check-out procedures.

Daily Summary

A daily progress note will be sent home in your child's binder with "homework" that can be practiced at home for generalization.